Our company is the General Contractor of the Vietnamese Pavilion, one of the first pavilions to be completed.

With reference to Expo 2015 our company – already involved in the design of the Italy Pavilion and in the design of the Joomoo corporate pavilion (which will probably follow a different realization than the one foreseen at the beginning, due to administrative issues between the Chinese client and Expo) – was committed as General Contractor by the Vietnamese Government for the realization of the Vietnamese Pavilion.

View of the Vietnamese Pavilion

Proger has accepted this latter challenge by signing, in November 2014, a commitment with the Republic of Vietnam to design and realize the Pavilion within 5 months, on the basis of the preliminary project done by the firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects.

The Pavilion – with a surface of 887 square meters and 12 meters high – foresees a built space on two levels and it is located in the proximity of the West border of the “Decumano”, in the middle of a water mirror, totally enclosed by glass walls and pillars in bamboo, standing out at different heights and towered by evocative plants. The bamboo canes have been previously subjected to a Vietnamese traditional smoking process, in order to preserve the wood and eliminate the parasites.

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    Plan and lateral views of the pavilion

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    Details of the pillars

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    Details of the trees to be positioned on the rooftop

Last month, during MADE Expo - the exhibition on architecture, design and building construction, hold from 18th to 21st March at the Milan Rho Exhibition Centre - the Vietnam Pavilion was invited to be part of the exhibition Building the Expo, during which more than 30 pavilions were presented through drawings, constructive details, materials and pictures from the construction sites: each project was presented in two 120x360cm-panels, included into a 40-meter long double bookcase. Domus magazine published the digital exhibition catalogue "Building the Expo" that is available online. The Vietnam Pavilion begins on page 158.

The amazing international visibility of this event”, states Michele Arena, technical-operating manager of this work “gives prestige to the huge activity developed by Proger both in Italy and abroad, thanks to the great number of governmental representatives of the various countries who have been observing the exhibition spaces for months and have been taking notes about the companies interested in the realization of the pavilions. Therefore, this occasion is a further card to be tried on the table of the international references, conquered thanks to the great team work done by our technicians. As in the case of the Vietnam Pavilion, they have worked for the development of the executive design and have simultaneously begun permitting and environmental activities, together with the selection of materials and suppliers, and the procedures for the validation on the EXPO platform. Moreover, we have been able to end this operation ten days earlier than the date of its opening, respecting the contractual obligations: in fact the Pavilion was completed and delivered to the Vietnamese Government on the 20th April. The challenge is won!

On 3rd April, Giuseppe Sala, the Expo 2015 Commissioner, has expressed his satisfaction to the Vietnamese Governement and to our company for having achieved the objective on schedule.

“At less than thirty days before the Opening of Expo Milano 2015, the construction of the Expo Site is advancing at impressive rapidity. I truly commend the amazing efforts that each of you has coordinated to bring about a wonderful exhibition space. There is no doubt in my mind that, thanks to your extraordinary contribution, Expo Milano 2015 will go down to history as one of the Expos with the highest degree of architectural beauty of all times”.


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