Our company attended the XII OMC (Offshore Mediterranean Conference), the worldwide biennial event of the Oil & Gas sector. Despite the difficult economic situation due to the low price of crude oil and to consumption to the minimum levels (between increasing energy efficiency and lower general power of expenditure) the event saw record numbers: 19.600 attendees, 43% more than the 2013 edition; 688 exhibitors coming from 34 countries, +21%; 1.260 delegates, +7%; an exhibition area of 25.000 square meters, + 20%.

The event was held at the Pala De André in Ravenna from the 25th to the 27th March, and Proger has been among its main protagonists.  Besides being exhibitor (we have won the Best Stand 2015 Award) and Platinum Sponsor, our company has attended the fair also as Associated Company together with Saipem, Edison, Total, Shell, Schlumberger, Ava, Baker Hughers, Halliburton, Oil States and Rosetti Marino.

Michelangelo Tortorella receives the Best Stand 2015 award

William Palozzo, Operational Manager of the Business Unit Oil & Gas/Energy, states: “The key driver topics of this XII edition referred to the development of projects in harsh environments and climates, to the sustainability of direct (production) and indirect (social projects) activities with local communities and to the technological development in deep waters. All these topics are shared by the players of this market and by those territories where investments are directed.
The OMC is always a useful occasion to exchange opinions with the other operators that, far from being trapped into the relation “client-supplier”, can act as players of the same field and take the stock on the achieved technical and technological processes, mainly in the offshore, which is the most challenging area. In spite of the fact that low impact technology is making great strides, the human factor still makes the difference in the development of this business – both with reference to the ability of facing and solving more and more complex problems, and with reference, for instance, to the irrational contrast of the projects”.

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During the event our colleagues, Cesare Di Michele and Domenico Mazzone, Nicola Castrignano, Francesca Di Girolamo, Giacomo Collevecchio and Nicola Tavano, have presented two papers on “Safety, Sustainability and Environment” and William Palozzo himself and Marcello Navanteri have been chairman of the sessions “Sustainability” and “Production Optimization” respectively.

Marcello Navanteri, responsible for the engineering of the Business Unit Oil & Gas has declared: “I found really interesting what pointed out by the CEO of Edison who has stated that it is possible to foresee a re-pricing of the price of the barrel, and consequently a strong recovery of all activities of the sector. This is due, on one hand, to the combined effect of the reduction of the CAPEX caused by the fall in oil prices, while on the other hand, to the ageing of those wells and equipment which are not replaced.

The Oil & Gas technology is in its mature stage, but many signals make us think of new technologies as answers to the difficult present situation. What about Proger? Proger can follow the events in two different ways: by following them and, where possible, by anticipating them. Betting on the recovery, by investing in human resources and technologies, could seem risky. After all, this is a reinterpretation of the logic of the farmer, who sows being certain that spring will come after winter”.