In the last few weeks our company has registered some progresses with regard to the program KAP 4, one of the main work orders in Saudi Arabia.
The program, which represents the enlargement of the KAP 3 project, is related to twenty-four sites distributed in the whole national territory. As we all know, in May 2013 Proger has been committed by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia to carry out the supervision of the design and the supervision of construction of several ministerial buildings.
The projects within the KAP 4 program refer to buildings to be used as offices, dormitories and sport training centers for some bodies of the Ministry of Interior. At the time being, the 24 construction sites employ more than 10.000 men per day, working for both contractors.

Contrary to KAP 3, KAP 4 has two contractors, Al Rashid (RTCC) and Al Arrab (ACC). Al Rashid, whose technical consultant is Kentz, is responsible for 16 sites (from 101 to 116). On the other hand, Al Arrab, whose technical consultant is BW Engineers, is responsible for the 8 remaining sites (from 117 to 124). RTCC work performance is of a higher quality than ACC, which registers a delay in the activities scheduled on all eight sites. Notwithstanding this, construction works proceed apace on all 24 sites. Only one site presents a slowing down due to a change of position of the area object of the intervention.

A remarkable acceleration of the construction works occurred on Al Bersha’s (site 106), just outside of Riyadh, which includes ten main buildings, among which residential houses, a mosque and various facilities. Many buildings have reached the last floor, while the interior is ready in one building (H0.10).

Our company, as it is in its vocation, is also promoting innovative developments in this part of the world. The mechanical chief, Mr. Alfonso Desiderio, went to Korea for a series of technical tests on split for air-conditioners according with the recent law provisions in Saudi Arabia for the energy consumption and the environmental safeguard.
According with these new dispositions, Carrier has created a new model for the Arabian market, where 6.000 conditioners will be installed for the first time ever in the KAP 4 buildings.

Hence, Proger will be the first company experimenting with this innovative product, placing itself at the vanguard in a sector that is making its first steps in this Country.