Strait of Messina: approval of the Strategic Plan of the Port System

28 Feb

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has approved the Strategic System Planning Document (DPSS) of the ports managed by the Strait Port System Authority. This document was developed by Proger, which heads the grouping also made up of Dinamica and Systematica.  The content of the DPSS defines the objectives and coordinated development strategies of […]

Proger entrusted with the strategic planning of the port system of the Strait of Messina

15 Jun

The JV led by Proger and consisting of the companies Dinamica and Systematica was tasked with the drafting of the System Strategic Planning Document by the Port System Authority of the Strait. The DPSS defines the development objectives and systemic planning contents of the port authorities; it identifies and perimeters the areas intended for  port and rear-port functions, […]