In recent years, by offering integrated services in different sectors, Proger has managed to consolidate its role as General Engineer able to adapt itself, through a multidisciplinary approach to the variability of demand.

The company’s goal is to transform itself into a subject increasingly capable not only to respond to market demands, but also to “generate demand” by building and promoting new initiatives – starting from conception to implementation – having at its side highly-skilled specialists and financial experts who have enhanced the company’s competences, as well as increasingly important private and public interlocutors.

Proger’s focus in the coming years will be aimed in particular at those sectors with broader growth prospects in the medium term:

  • EPC
  • Healthcare
  • Green Energy
  • Maintenance engineering


“To govern Proger’s growth instead of suffering from it,
direct the business development in new international markets
and new business sectors without losing its identity
and the strength of the Italian brand:
this is the challenge undertaken by Proger’s shareholders
and management for the future to come”

Marco Lombardi, A.D.