Proger has been active in Egypt since 2017 through its Legal Entity “Proger Egypt JSC”, based in New Cairo. The company is accredited by the main Egyptian companies, public and private, and registered with the FATF (General Authority For Investment) office for Engineering, Procurement & Construction and Maintenance activities.  The office is also ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified, in accordance with the standards that Proger adopts globally in its foreign offices.

Proger began operating in the country for engineering services related to the Port-Said on-shore plant, connected to the development of the Zohr off-shore field, considered the largest gas discovery ever made in the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the months the company has grown rapidly, expanding its fields of activity in EPC e dell’O&M sectors and also acquiring important orders also in the civil sector, such as the Playa Seashell real estate project.