– We design the future

Proger is an international company that offers the best Italian management and engineering expertise in a broad range of fields.

We boast more than 60 years of experience and now sit at the top of Italian rankings, with a consolidated position among the top international engineering companies in the world.

We are a general engineering company able to guarantee the development and completion of large scale multidisciplinary projects, offering our clients a unique point of reference during every phase. We can count on more than 1,000 professionals in 3 continents, to develop projects in the following sectors: Building, Infrastructure & Transportation, Oil & Gas, Green EnergySustainability & Environment, Integrated Security.

- Everything you can imagine is real

“Tradition, Sustainability, Internationality, Excellence and Flexibility are our five pillars that we have decided to highlight with a communication campaign that celebrates the Italian spirit, creativity and ingenuity.
Within the sumptuous renaissance setting of Palazzo Farnese, we developed a symbolic narrative around Pablo Picasso’s quote ‘Everything you can imagine is real’, representing engineering through art and creativity, with a reference to the number five, like the sides of the pentagonal building, and like the five pillars of Proger’s logo, representing our company’s core values.”

Marco Lombardi, CEO