The importance of water on World Earth Day

Proger's commitment

On World Earth Day, Proger focuses its attention on water, the most essential element for life on our planet, but whose shortage or misuse can become a factor of great suffering or destruction.

At Proger, we are involved in numerous activities related to water resources: from projects for rural communities in Congo to those for the reuse and purification of civil and industrial water, from projects for the efficiency and circular management of water to those for the monitoring and management of dams and reservoirs, from projects for collection and protection to those for works and hydraulic stability of territories.

Proger’s commitment to the water issue has recently been reflected in its collaboration with the Assoreca Association, where we coordinate the working group that drafted the guidelines and a pilot project for territorial water sustainability, with a particular focus on ways to optimize and sustainably manage this resource.

Our commitment for the future is to place water at the heart of Proger’s activities, in order to guarantee an ever-increasing availability, even in the most critical contexts.