“We design the future”: Proger launches an advertising campaign with a spot that depicts engineering through beauty and creativity.

A Proger Smart Communication production, with creative direction by Anna Cerofolini and direction by Ambrogio Crespi.

Proger has chosen the splendid setting of Palazzo Farnese, a Renaissance masterpiece in the province of Viterbo, for its new communication campaign. An imaginative story in which Luca Ward plays a wise engineer who awakens the interest and creativity of a beautiful little girl, representing the new generations called to ‘design the future’.

The spot is signed by Anna Cerofolini, Art Director of Proger Smart Communication, Proger’s communications company, who has developed a symbolic narrative around Pablo Picasso’s quote “Everything you can imagine is real”, in which engineering is represented by art and creativity, with a reference to the number five. Five like the orders of architecture in Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola’s treatise, La Regola delli cinque ordini d’architettura, the sides of the pentagonal building he designed, the company’s core values, and five like the pillars that make up the Proger logo.

Ambrogio Crespi’s direction and Frame by Frame’s digital effects made it possible to realise the ambitious creative idea of bringing Proger’s projects to life and literally making them fly, to the strains of Puccini’s Bohème, in the splendid setting of the 16th century building.

Proger is a multidisciplinary engineering company that has been able to renew itself, grow and expand its horizons while remaining faithful to its values,” says CEO Marco Lombardi, “Tradition, sustainability, internationality, excellence and flexibility are our five founding values, the five pillars that we have decided to communicate through an advertising campaign that celebrates the Italian spirit, creativity and ingenuity“.

This advertising campaign aims to highlight the characteristics of the modern engineer, who must take into account not only the technological aspects of his work, but also the environmental, social and human aspects. A combination of quality, sensitivity and values on which Proger “designs the future”.


  • Production: PSC Proger Smart Communication
  • Creative director: Anna Cerofolini
  • Director: Ambrogio Crespi
  • Director of photography: Antonio De Rosa
  • Executive Producers: Natascia Turato, Valter D’Errico
  • Editing: Niccolò Crespi, Michele Saulle
  • Post-production: Frame by Frame