A31 Valdastico Motorway


The completion of the A/31 motorway southward aims at connecting the manufacturing centres in the Northeastern Italy to the major international roadway networks, with minimum environmental impact. The intervention is characterized by a total length of 54 km, 9 new junctions and two major cable-stayed bridges, on the Adige river – with a central span of 310 meters in length – and the Bacchiglione river – with a central span of 140 meters.


Autostrada BS-VR-VI-PD


Engineering. Traffic Engineering.



Technical Data

Length 53.9 km
Junctions: 9
Cable-Stayed Bridges: 2
Bridge over Adige River: 1,087 m – 310 m Central Span
Bridge over Bacchiglione River: 270 m – 140 m Central Span
Viaducts Total length: 3,648 m
Noise Barriers: 26 km