Renewable Energy Power Plants

Services for EDP Renewables


Proger is the assignee of several framework contracts for the provision of design services, technical assistance and supervision of works within the development of wind farms, photovoltaic plants and associated infrastructures that EDPR plans to realize in Italy.

Currently the first project is underway concerning the substation connected to the Wind Farm of Fulgatore in the Province of Trapani. Proger is responsible for the executive project (civil and electromechanical) of the electrical substation of EDPR for the connection to the National Transmission Grid (NTG) of the electricity produced from wind power.


EDP Renewables


Engineering. Technical Assistance. Supervision of Works.



Technical Data

Fulgatore Wind Farm

  • No. Wind Turbines: 12
  • Total Power: 43,8 MW
  • Transformation Substation: from 20 kV to 150 kV