City of Sciences and the Environment of Grugliasco, Turin


The aim of the project, with a total investment of more than EUR 150 million, is to create a centre for scientific research and advanced training. A scientific hub of international standing with modern, rational and sustainable structures to create an instrumental park of absolute excellence managed with open access criteria that will encourage, in addition to teaching, new synergies between researchers living in a common physical space.

The project was developed using an integrated BIM Level 3 solution, with a single model shared by all the members of the working group (designers, builders and maintenance technicians), which guarantees full and complete collaboration between all the disciplines and is also strategic for meeting the client’s primary objectives of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. In order to obtain LEED and nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) certifications, appropriate solutions have been implemented, including: the use of biocompatible and recyclable building materials; high-efficiency envelopes; technical solutions typical of solar buildings (orientation, shape, protections, photovoltaics and solar thermal energy); trigeneration/heating energy production; green roofs; recovery of rainwater for fire-fighting and irrigation purposes, use of reduced-flow faucets; and the use of solar panels to prevent the builders from having to pay for the building’s energy consumption.


University of Turin

Project Team

Itinera s.p.a., Intesa Sanpaolo, Costruzioni Generali Gilardi S.p.A., Euroimpianti S.p.A., Semana S.r.l., Manens-Tifs.


Update of the technical-economic feasibility project.
Final and executive design (architectural, structural, infrastructural, geological and geotechnical).
Project management


Grugliasco, Turin – Italy

Technical Data

  • Students: 10,000
  • Lecturers: 1,000
  • Teaching and research buildings: 65,454 sqm
  • Teaching building: 14,855 sqm
  • Classrooms: 30, 2540 seats
  • Conference rooms: 2
  • Teaching laboratories: 54, 489 seats
  • Research laboratories: 371
  • Gymnasium and Sports Centre: 4,300 sqm
  • Athletics Sports Centre: 1,965 sqm
  • City Park: 51,580 sqm
  • Botanical Garden: 2,078 sqm
  • Gardens and flowerbeds: 38,400 sqm
  • Photovoltaic panels: 1,500