Technical Surveillance Activities on the Italian Motorway Network


Proger, in JV with Bureau Veritas Nexta, Tecno Piemonte and Tecno Lab, is responsible for the surveillance activities on 7,385 works (including viaducts, overpasses, tunnels and minor works) on the Italian motorway network. Specifically, the assignment covers the three-year period 2021-2023 with the possibility of extension to 2025 and represents the natural continuation of the work begun in 2019 that has already covered over 4,000 works throughout the country for all 9 freeway sections.
The operational organization foresees the activation of a Front-Office in close proximity to each of the Territorial Offices and a Back-Office for all coordination and engineering activities at Proger’s headquarters in Rome, which will ensure homogeneity of approach, planning and evaluation for all artworks on the network.


Autostrade per l’Italia


Ordinary and extraordinary inspections, monitoring.

Experimental tests and verifications.



Technical Data

Total no. of works: 7385 (including viaducts, overpasses, tunnels and minor works)

Duration: 2021-2023 (extendable to 2025)