Sustainability: Crédit Agricole supports Proger’s growth

An 8 million euro ESG KPI Linked loan granted to our company

Crédit Agricole Italia has granted Proger a loan of EUR 8 million linked to ESG KPIs, in line with the company’s sustainability strategy and the attention paid to the environment by the banking group, one of the top 10 in the world. The loan is linked to a price reduction mechanism, which in turn is linked to the achievement of certain sustainability objectives, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the compliance of the company’s suppliers with the principles of its code of ethics.

Proger, since 2021, has embarked on an increasingly structured and programmatic path in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, because attention to sustainability is not only an opportunity, but a necessary and new approach to reference markets“, said CFO Roberto Lombardi, “And the fact that a banking partner such as Crédit Agricole has decided to accompany us on this journey is a concrete and positive response to the attention that the banking system is paying to the complex issues of social and environmental sustainability.“.

For Crédit Agricole Italia, the drive towards internationalisation, combined with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability issues, are fundamental pillars for the growth of our country’s economic system,” said Marco Perocchi, Head of Corporate Banking at Crédit Agricole Italia. “The loan granted to Proger allows us to invest in this direction, stimulating the organic growth of an excellent Made in Italy company while increasing our ESG commitment“.