New Framework Agreements with Anas

DG 190 Lot 10 and DG 181 Lot 6

Proger has recently acquired two new framework contracts with Anas: DG 190 and DG 181. The most recent assignment is the DG 190 framework agreement for executive design services, diagnostic investigations and structural surveys relating to extraordinary maintenance works of bridges, viaducts and artificial tunnels falling within the Campania Territorial Structure (Lot 10). Proger is the leading company of the Jv made up of Progin s.p.a., Tecnolab srl and A.G.C. General Analysis for Construction S.R.L. which was awarded the 48-month agreement for a total amount up to 5 + 1.5 million euros.

In addition to the organizational structure that guarantees the possibility of developing up to 7 application contracts at the same time, the group’s proposal can count on several strong points, but the following stands out: the availability of numerous Proger professionals having the certification of “Inspectors of bridges, viaducts and walkways” level II and level III, according to UNI / PdR 56: 2019 certification; a forceful management and integration system for BIM design; the ability to perform surveys using Laser Scanner technology, combining traditional survey techniques with the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (SAPR, the so-called drones).

In recent weeks, Proger has also completed the contract relating to the DG 181 framework agreement for the execution of definitive and executive design services for road works (bridges, viaducts and tunnels) with an indicative value of more than 100 million euros. The JV led by Proger – composed of SINA s.p.a., Progin s.p.a. and BRENG srl – was awarded Lot 6, relating to the territorial structures of Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia, for the duration of 4 years with a maximum amount of 14 million euros. Also in this case, thanks to an excellent technical-organizational structure, the JV can guarantee the simultaneous execution of seven application contracts with BIM methodology.

Proger can also boast a long and fruitful collaboration with Anas, with which it currently has further framework agreements: in 2021 it acquired DG 159 Lot 1 (read the news) , for definitive and executive design services relating to works underground and is currently working on some projects activated under the agreements DG 43 Lot 4, for the design of maintenance and safety interventions, and DG 27 Lot 6, for the design of new works, including the adaptation of the motorway section of the Avellino-Salerno junction of the A2 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway and the doubling of the State Road 268 “Del Vesuvio”.