AWARE Project

Adaptable Water Access & Renewable Energy

Green energy integrated solutions for rural communities in marginal areas

In Africa more than 600 million people have no access to electricity and over 300 million have no access to clean water sources. Today access to energy is an essential prerequisite for health and quality of life as it could foster economic, social and health development.

Proger has designed a sustainable water and energy management program called AWARE (Adaptable Water Access & Renewable Energy), which aims at providing energy and water supply for small-scale agricultural production, for villages and farming communities.

Training courses and a strong local ownership of all system components are a fundamental and integral part of the project, guaranteeing the possibility of maintaining the system over time. A project rigorously set up and conducted according to a logic of adaptability of the interventions on the territory and on the social context of the interested communities.

AWARE defines intervention criteria according to a logic of using sustainable and technologically advanced technologies, but at the same time falling into the rural context and therefore simple, strong and easy to maintain. A flexible and modular program that can be adapted to different territorial and social contexts without ever losing sight of the key elements of the proposal.