Territorial Water Sustainability Project

Guidelines and pilot project for a new methodological approach to water sustainability

Proger presents the first Pilot Project in Italy for the creation of a Highly Sustainable Water Territory. A new model for the efficient management of water resources, which intends to overcome competition between the agricultural, industrial and civil sectors and move from a ‘competitive model’ to a ‘synergic model’ of resource management, capable of increasing the supply of water to meet the challenges of the current climate crisis.

Within Assoreca, an association representing the major environmental engineering companies in Italy, Proger proposed, coordinated and developed the ‘Water Sustainability’ working group that drew up the guidelines and then developed the project.

Marco Sandrucci, head of Proger’s Environment Operative Unit and coordinator of Assoreca’s ‘Water Sustainability’ working group, explains the project


The Pilot Project aims to create an operational standard that can be applied in any territory and the Trecate and Cerano area in Piedmont was selected to develop it, because it concentrates in a confined area every type of need with respect to the water sector: industrial, civil, agricultural and livestock.

Managing the water resource
in a circular and efficient manner
through multiple and synergetic use
maximising its ‘cascading’ use
instead of competition
between different types of use.

The Pilot Project proposes four different types of intervention that aim to:

  • recharge the water aquifer
  • optimise the water cycle of the industrial pole
  • create reservoirs by exploiting the opportunities offered by the territory
  • recover treated water

A model made in Italy that aims to become a standard that can be applied anywhere in the world, to provide a concrete operational and management response to the climate changes underway and the pressing environmental challenges the planet is facing.

Direction: Assoreca

Technical Coordination: Proger

Work Group: AECOM, Anthemis, ERM, GM Ambiente, Gruppo Stante, Italferr, Sinergeo, Sodai, WSP.