Tunisia-Italy power interconnection project

24 Sep

Proger, in JV with HPC (lead partner), IDEA Consult, ELARD and Plexus Energy, is responsible for the preparation of environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) studies and a resettlement action plan (RAP) for the Tunisia-Italy power interconnection project (TUNITA). TUNITA, developed by the Italian and Tunisian transmission system operators, TERNA and STEG, and financed by […]

New blanket orders with Terna s.p.a.

10 Jun

Proger started its collaboration with Terna s.p.a. – which manages the italian power transmission network – in 2010 and in 2018 it was strengthen thanks to the awarding of 4 new blanket orders. These refer to: Safety coordination services during Design and Safety coordination during construction – Lot 1 Lazio Design for authorization of the […]