Blanket Order with Terna

8 Dec

Rome, Italy – Proger has been awarded with the blanket order for environmental and supporting activities to the authorization stage of the electric works pertaining to Terna, in Central and Southern Italy. Activities would concern Environmental Impact Studies and environmental, geological and archeological landscaping reports relating to electrical stations, overhead lines, cable lines and/or demolitions. […]

Blanket order with Saipem

30 Nov

Rome, Italy – Proger has been awarded with a two-year blanket order relative to the development of Environmental Studies and Analysis activities for Saipem. The company will support Saipem, both in Italy and abroad, in monitoring the environmental performances and in managing and minimizing the environmental impacts in the life cycle of the operating activities.

Framework Agreement with Eni in Mozambique

16 Oct

Mozambique – Proger has been awarded with a three-year multidisciplinary engineering framework agreement for Eni East Africa in Mozambique, a country in which it is already engaged, on behalf of the local Ministry of Transport and Communications, to evaluate the development possibilities of the three corridors located at the centre of the country. The new […]