Proger with Gazprom in Uzbekistan for the development of the Djel gas field

Proger has recently enriched its portfolio of international projects reaching a new important milestone by signing a contract with ZarubezhneftGaz Central Asia for the development of the important Djel gas field in Uzbekistan on behalf of Gazprom International.

 Proger is in fact working on the feasibility study of a new greenfield project to be built in a desert area without roads, utilities and services, not far from the Shakhpakhty block, which will last five years and will include two construction phases.

The depreservation of four exploration wells will be carried out will be carried out during the first phase, along with the construction of the first production line of a treatment unit (GTU) with a capacity of 150 million cubic meters of gas per year and the construction of a gas pipeline of 251 km “Djel CGTU – Karakalpakia CS” and a booster compression station.

The drilling and commissioning of six production wells and the construction of the second production line of the treatment unit will be carried out in the second phase as this will help to double the annual production up to 300 million cubic meters of gas and 4,200 tons. of condensed gas per year.

This project marks an important result for Proger in the oil & gas sector thanks to the know-how acquired in the last 25 years by developing complex projects in different countries of the world alongside some of the largest energy companies at international level.