FPSO Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit

Design services for the transformation of an oil tanker into FPSO for the ENI Agogo field in Angola

In November, ENI activated a first work order under the Framework Contract for Offshore Naval Engineering services, signed with the JV made up of Navalprogetti, Proger and Fidema Group.

The assignment concerns preliminary stability calculations, modeling and document review relating to a tender for the definition of a 1.6 million barrel capacity floating production and storage unit (FPSO), to be carried out through either the transformation of a 330 m VLCC class oil tanker or as a new facility.

Specifically, the activities concern the creation of the oil tanker model, the definition of the capacity plan, the preliminary estimate of weight and position of the gravity centre of the future FPSO, the stability analysis in different operating conditions, the preparation of the hydrodynamic model of the FPSO, the creation of the hydrodynamic database (RAOs, QTFs, roll damping, stiffness matrices and added mass) and the definition of the mooring pattern layout. In addition, the JV supports the customer in reviewing the technical documents presented by bidders who compete in the tender relating to the supply of the FPSO.

A new high-profile challenge for Proger that, after the numerous activities carried out in Congo, is once again alongside Eni for the development and production of offshore fields in West Africa.