New Syracuse Hospital: the project entrusted to Proger

The proposal envisages a reduction in the design time to catch up with previously accumulated delays

The joint venture led by Proger – with Manens and Inar – has been entrusted with the task of drafting the final design for the integrated contract (with an option for supervision of works) for the new hospital in Syracuse.

The economic operator,” reads the press release issued by the prefect of Syracuse, as extraordinary commissioner for the project, “was identified at the end of the market survey and the negotiation of the assignment conditions, including a 33% discount on the services fee, which will begin next 16 March and will be completed within 120 days (with a reduction of 30 days compared to the estimated 150)“.

Taking into account the urgency that the Authority has attached to the construction of the new hospital, Proger proposed an improvement solution consisting in the implementation of both the final and executive design, with delivery times of 90 and 60 days respectively, which would allow for a further reduction of 30 days with respect to the overall timeframe envisaged and which “would allow to partially recover the delay so far determined by the previous contractor and, therefore, to comply with the accelerating ratio of the special law (art. 42 bis of Decree-Law No. 23 of 8 April 2020, converted by Law No. 40 of 5.6.2020)“.