The final design of the new La Comina military complex was presented to the Italian Army High Command

A video about the first application of the Ministry of Defence's Green Barracks programme

The final project for the new ‘La Comina’ military complex, the first application of the Italian Ministry of Defence’s ‘Green Barracks’ program, has been presented to the Italian Army General Staff. The program is aimed at the construction of new-generation military bases with a low environmental impact, designed to guarantee suitable living and welfare conditions for army personnel and their families.

The project consists of the adaptation and modernisation of the current training centre “La Comina” to accommodate the 132nd Armoured Brigade “Ariete”, which will move from the current barracks in Mittica to the centre of Pordenone, which will become a green oasis with services for the city. The existing sports and training facilities will be expanded and integrated with the construction of new command, logistics and accommodation areas.

Proger is responsible for the final and executive design, which aims to create an energy self-sufficient complex to ensure maximum sustainability in normal conditions and full operational capacity in emergency conditions. Thanks to highly energy-efficient technological solutions, active and passive consumption reduction systems combined with the use of renewable energy sources and storage systems, the La Comina military complex will be carbon neutral, energy class A4 and LEED Gold certified.