Remediation works started on La Martella waste treatment platform

The first step towards returning an important facility to the city of Matera

The remediation of the landfill adjacent to the waste treatment platform in “La Martella” began. Proger (in JV with Eng. Barucchello) is in charge of the design, supervision of works and safety coordination of the intervention aimed at overcoming the EU infringement procedure, dated back to September 2017, through environmental impact mitigation works for each of the sectors composing the plant.

The municipal solid waste treatment platform is located approximately 7 km from Matera and covers a total area of approximately 25 hectares, divided into 5 sectors. The first phase of the work, which is expected to last 8 months, will involve the relocation of the overburden present in sectors III and IV to sector V, for a total of approximately 45,000 tonnes of waste, and will make it possible to resolve the current environmental risk situation.

On completion of the operations, the final capping layers will be laid and the revegetation and environmental restoration work will be carried out, with the installation of new treatment plants for biogas and leachate extracted from the landfill sectors and rainwater. The work will be completed within one year and the areas will be handed back to the municipality for its operation and maintenance activities.