Monitoring plan for the ancient Buriano Bridge and 40 other works in the Province of Arezzo

The mapping and monitoring project of the infrastructures in the Arezzo Province territory has been launched. The infrastructures selected by the Province are being surveyed and inspected in order to determine their state of health and assign a class of attention. Proger, already responsible for the infrastructural monitoring of more than 7,000 bridges, viaducts and tunnels on the national motorway network, has been entrusted with this activity, together with Movyon, a leader in the development and integration of Intelligent Transport Systems solutions and a centre of excellence for research and innovation of the Autostrade per l’Italia Group. A collaboration born from an initial experiment started a year ago on the ancient Buriano Bridge.

The works in the Arezzo area are the first in Italy outside the motorway context to be inspected by Proger and digitised with the use of ARGO, the platform developed by Movyon in collaboration with IBM for managing the life cycle of the works on Autostrade per l’Italia’s network.

The solution includes the digitisation of infrastructure assets, their storage in a database for the governance and control of data and processes, and the use of a mobile app to support field and remote inspections. The platform, built on the basis of the new guidelines of the Superior Council of Public Works, is integrated with the AINOP system, the National Computer Archive of Public Works, can be used in the cloud and is accompanied by training and assistance services.

In detail, there are 44 bridges located throughout the territory that Proger inspectors are inspecting with ARGO. A precise reconnaissance that will allow the Province to better plan any maintenance work that needs to be undertaken, also optimising the management of funding.

“We are pleased to make Proger’s expertise in infrastructure surveillance available to the Province of Arezzo. Thanks to the specialisation and experience of our inspectors, we can assess the degree of safety of individual works and, consequently, the possible need for structural upgrades to ensure their full usability in total safety”, said Valerio Lombardi, Civil Engineering Business Unit Director of Proger.

Presentation press conference. From left: Valerio Lombardi, Civil Engineering BU Director of Proger, Silvia Chiassai Martini, President of the Province of Arezzo, Lorenzo Rossi, CEO of Movyon