New governance of Proger s.p.a., Sgambati chairman, Lombardi CEO

Deputy Chairmen Testa and Mastrapasqua. Ravaioli and Mascetti join the Board of Directors

Umberto Sgambati is the new Chairman of Proger spa, one of Italy’s leading engineering and management companies and among the top 100 in the world. CEO Marco Lombardi has been confirmed. Lombardi and Sgambati remain the company’s main shareholders.

The Board appointed Chicco Testa (President of AssoAmbiente and former President of Acea and Enel, among others) and Antonio Mastrapasqua (former President of Inps and current CEO of Agt International) as Deputy Chairmen of Proger spa. In addition to the confirmation of Carla Mason (Manager of Proger), Patrizia Ravaioli (General Manager of Formez PA – Centre for Training and Studies in Public Administration as well as President of the Association of Women Leaders in Health Care) and Andrea Mascetti (Lawyer, expert in Civil and Administrative Law, member of the Central Commission for Charitable Contributions of Fondazione Cariplo as well as coordinator of the Art and Culture Area of the same) joined the Board of Directors.