Proger among the founding members of Hubruzzo

A Foundation to promote new talent

Pescara, Italy – Proger is one the founding members of Hubruzzo, along with L-Foundry, Valagro, Almacis, Honda Italia, Tecnomatic and Zecca Energia. This foundation, whose general secretary is managed by the company Carsa, aims at promoting excellence from the region of Abruzzo.

The Hubruzzo Foundation wishes to:

  • Enhance the excellent entrepreneurial system inspired by the principles of responsibility, sustainability and humanism.
  • Narrate the industrial sector through entrepreneurs who have been able to “read” the territory, using their vocations at the very best.
  • Promote responsible industry from Abruzzo in Italy and in the world, through the creation of a cultural, scientific, institutional, territorial and economic network.
  • Develop alliances at national and international level, to nurture an exchange network characterized by knowledge, skills and best practice.

A way to give value to the regional industrial system and attract talent – supporting international tenders, industrial PhDs, sector research – fueling a “glocal” business culture and building an industrial community that fosters the exchange of knowledge. This project will start with the completion of a first study about the “qualities of the Bank of  Abruzzo ” to be performed by  Fondazione Symbola, with the aim of  collecting, analyzing and giving shape to those who work for the qualitative transformation of the productive system.