Lahore Sport City


The company was the lead consultant of this ambitious mixed-use development project endowed with world class sports facilities and housing, including: major sports stadiums; 2 golf clubs; a health centre and a sports academy. The masterplan also includes 11 mosques, 21 schools and residences of different types. The project aims to minimise environmental impact by restricting the use of cars, thanks to an intelligent public transport network, and mitigating the hot climate, with temperatures exceeding 40°C, thanks to the creation of a network of canals and to careful study the geometric system of the built-up areas to favour natural ventilation.


Bukhatir Group


Masterplanning. Architectural Design. Engineering. Transportation and Urban Planning.


Lahore, Pakistan

Project Team

Architectural Design: kei_en.enzocalabresedesign

Technical Data

Area: 12,140,569 m2
Real Estate: 4,850,000 m2
Sports Facilities: 2,340,000 m2
Infrastructure: 3,650,000 m2
Lakes and Canals: 845,000 m2