“La Sapienza” University of Rome

General Services Building


Integrated contract for the functional redevelopment and adaptation to standards of the General Services Building of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. The building has been realized in the 70’s and needs important functional and structural rehabilitation works.

Both the executive design and the site management will be developed in BIM. The information models will be enriched with the necessary information for the sustainability analysis and the LEED protocol will be applied to obtain the Gold level energy certification.

In detail, the proposed improvements concern aspects related to multiple areas ranging from safety to functional reconfiguration of the building, among all we mention:

  • Seismic improvement through the inclusion of a seismic isolation system at the base with reinforced rubber insulators with high damping (High Damping Rubber Bearings equipped with equivalent viscous damping equal to 15%).
  • Energy efficiency through interventions on the envelope, use of renewable sources, reduction of losses of the various systems analyzed, increased efficiency of individual components of the plant, automation and extension of control systems.
  • Improved environmental compatibility through the use of ecological materials with low environmental impact;
  • Improvement of technical characteristics and environmental comfort through increased performance of technological components.


Università “La Sapienza” di Roma




Rome, Italy

Technical Data

Value of Works: € 32 milion