Sustainability: Proger guest of Crédit Agricole Italia and SACE as a virtuous company

Proger was one of the excellences at the event dedicated to sustainability organized by Crédit Agricole at SACE’s headquarters in Rome, as part of the “Coffee with Companies” itinerary.

Crédit Agricole Italia and SACE explored the crucial issue of corporate sustainability and the support available to ESG-compliant companies. After highlighting the importance and socio-economic impact of sustainable investment, including an analysis of the many opportunities and tools offered by “ESG transition/stabilization”, the speakers gave the floor to the CFOs of Proger and Walter Tosto, who gave a factual account of their transition path and the economic and social spin-offs achieved and still to be achieved. The testimonies of these two internationally recognized excellences highlighted the excellent results achieved in terms of sustainability, albeit by following a different path.

Merging development and sustainability into a single shared driver of growth is the road that all companies will necessarily have to travel in the near future,” argues Roberto Lombardi, CFO of Proger, “the goal is to generate, therefore, a sustainable and persistent profit over time, and this requires the necessary intervention by the main players in the financial system who, like Crédit Agricole, propose to accompany, in an effective and efficient way, corporate investments through the implementation of ESG Linked lines whose rates are harmonized according to the achievement of specific sustainability KPIs.

Lombardi concludes, “Growth requires unavoidable attention in the use of economic and financial resources in order to be able to generate that economic value that is sustainable with the company’s ecological footprint“.