Blanket order with Eni for “health facilities”

Rome – ENI awarded Proger with a blanket order for the acquisition of services related to the implementation of “health facilities” both in Italy and in extra UE countries, where ENI works. These countries are: Algeria, Angola, Australia, China, Cyprus, Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Libya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, United States, Timor East, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

This is a three-year contract concerning services related to the healthcare sector that regard in particular technical support for the development and maintenance of the requirement systems of its healthcare facilities and technical support for the development of healthcare facilities design (both refurbishment and new constructions) for all the affiliated companies that work in the various countries.

Highly specialized activities guaranteed by Proger thanks not only to its specific professional qualifications and its long lasting experience in the healthcare sector, but also to its continuous research activity in the sector as specialist aggregator and its networking capacity.