New Hospital in South Salento

A modern, functional and sustainable hospital complex

Proger has signed a contract with the Local Health Authority of Lecce for the supply of Final Design, Construction Management and Safety Coordinator services for the construction of the Hospital in South Salento. An investment of 107 million euro for a structure much awaited by the territory, which will be built in the province of Lecce, between the municipalities of Melpignano and Maglie, and which will constitute a further acceleration factor in the expansion of the healthcare offer already undertaken at regional level.

The group led by Proger, with Magninimo Ingegneri Associati, InAr, LAND Italia, Mirizzi Architetti Associati and Mr. Maurizio Mauri as health consultant, will develop the design of the new 370-bed hospital starting from the technical-economic feasibility project developed by the Mario Cucinella & Partners Studio Architects.

The proposal was successful thanks to the difficult balance achieved, in the development of the design improvements presented, between the efficiency and functionality of the hospital on the one hand and the sustainability of the work as a whole on the other. Great attention has been paid to the reception of patients and visitors, to the accessibility of the structure and to the ease of identifying the different functional paths. One of the key elements of the project is undoubtedly represented by the new “Main Street”, dedicated to public transit (out-patients, visitors and staff), which becomes the real “backbone” of the hospital connective system and place of entertainment and reception, with its information and orientation points, the bar-refreshment, the commercial areas and the lounges.

The comment of the architect Piera Bisignani, project manager: Starting from the main street and retracing all the improvement solutions hypothesized in the various design areas, the red thread is undoubtedly the search for maximum sustainability of the work, from a social, environmental and economic point of view. In fact, unlike the pre-assessment carried out on the tender-based project which prefigured the obtainment of a Silver level certification, it will be possible to pursue a Gold/Platinum level LEED certification