Electric Vehicles: Proger working on a new network of charging points powered by 100% renewable sources

Proger continues its activity in the field of electric mobility with services for the design, authorisation, installation, assistance and maintenance of new charging infrastructures fully powered by renewable sources.

The electric vehicle market is growing at a dizzying pace and, as a matter of fact, the demand for new charging stations in the area is increasing. A surprising growth, not for Proger’s Green Energy BU, which can rely on the many years of experience with hundreds of columns installed throughout the country for major companies, such as Enel X.

Over the next 3 years, Proger will provide its services for the construction of several hundred charging infrastructures, with technological solutions ranging from compact ones, such as wallboxes up to 22 kW of power, to ultra-fast ones for parking areas on large communication routes, with 300 kW devices. With a view to increasingly lower energy impact, these latest generation infrastructures will be able to withdraw or inject energy into the electricity grid as needed.

The detail of the services offered by Proger includes the preliminary inspection and feasibility assessment activities; the planning and management of the authorisation procedures with the interested bodies; the realisation of the electrical, mechanical and civil works necessary for the installation and connection of the charging infrastructures to the electricity network; the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions.