Redevelopment of the former Sanatorium in Gorizia

Three new structures outlined by the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan to enhance community health care

Proger was entrusted with the design for the redevelopment of the former sanatorium in Gorizia, which will host a new integrated territorial health care system. A total investment of 40 million euros for a project spread over 13,000 square meter area and represents the first activation of the two framework contracts recently acquired by the company, in a grouping with InAr, as part of the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), Mission M6 Health.

The project aims at creating three types of structures that are part of the strategic plan outlined in the PNRR to adapt the services of the National Health System to the needs of patient care and standardize them in every area of the country. Specifically, this is a 45-bed “Community Hospital”, which represents an intermediate step between the actual hospital and home care; a “Community House”, an access point to the health and social-health care system; a “Territorial Operations Centre”, able to coordinate home services and other health services.

To accommodate the new functions, in safety and according to the principles of sustainability, the project involves the reorganization of the internal spaces, the structural adaptation for the reduction of seismic vulnerability, the renovation of the technological systems, the improvement of the energy behaviour of the building and the setting up of the park with green spaces and new volumes hosting small businesses

The implementation of this project will give an important response to the territorial needs of proximity assistance and the so-called intermediate care, explains Valerio Lombardi, Director of the Civil Engineering BU of Proger, Furthermore, we will redevelop an important historical pavilion that has not been used for decades“.