Proger has been operating in Russia since April 2013 when Codest International, the Italian construction company of the Rizzani De Eccher Group, decides to entrust Proger with the drafting of the project for the VTB Arena Park real estate complex in Moscow. A Representative Office based in Moscow is thus opened, obtaining registration in the Self-Regulating Organizations SRO.

In November 2014, following the commercial development in the country, the company has opened a local branch, obtaining all the necessary authorizations to operate in the country and acquiring an office in Moscow and the necessary staff to carry out contractual activities. The branch is still active.



Proger Engineering & Management LLC, the legal entity under Russian law

In August 2018, to facilitate business activities and participate in international tenders, a Russian legal entity was established, LLC Proger Engineering & Management (Proger E&M), also based in Moscow. The company is registered in the self-regulating organizations SRO for the activities of Engineering, Survey and Construction and certified ISO 9001: 2015. To date, the company has its registered office in Moscow and an operational office in St. Petersburg, while an operational office will be opened in 2022.

The company has the following 2 on-going contracts:

  • Feasibility + FEED for the development of new gas wells in Uzbekistan for Gazprom International.
  • EPC of a 3,000 tons steel building in Kingisepp (Leningrad Region) for Tecnimont Proger

E&M is operating in the various engineering and construction sectors, from civil to infrastructure, from oil & gas to energy, and is constantly growing in the country thanks to a commercial network that is laying the foundations for several opportunities with the largest Russian companies.