Road ‘Pedemontana Aspromonte Tirrenico’

Reggio Calabria, Italy – Proger has been awarded, together with the company Cosedil S.p.A., with the detailed design and works execution on the basis of the final design of the road Pedemontana dell’Aspromonte Tirrenico, linking the mountain municipalities of Cinquefrondi, San Giorgio Morgeto and Cittanova (province of Reggio Calabria), connecting the former main road 111 and the “Strada di Grande Comunicazione” crossing the ridge between the Ionian coast and the Plains of Rosarno.


With reference to the project, one of the main aspects of the technical offer developed during the tender stage referred to the operating process proposed for the completion of the viaducts structures partially built and abandoned between the ’80s and the ’90s. In this regard, due to the poor knowledge of the types of underpinning already built, of the mechanical characteristics of the concrete and of the reinforcement rods at its inside, Proger has proposed the abandon of the existing substructures and the realization of brand new works for three out of four viaducts of the section.

As per the Macario viaduct, the most important of the lot, the reuse of the existing piers and abutments has been studied, after the optimization of the design of dosserets, which will be lighter because fully in steel. This solution ensures a general behaviour of the viaducts in case of seismic events, a longer overall lastingness, better safety and a clear simplification for the construction stages.

Finally, the offer has been completed with some technical improvements and with the identification of a series of additional interventions in the territories of the surrounding Municipalities, in order to benefit road users and to emphasize the territory.