The hospital in Lagonegro, Italy

Potenza, Italy – Proger was awarded the contract for design services for the expansion of the hospital in Lagonegro, Basilicata. Our company is the leading company of the group, along with Manens-Tifs and Planning Workshop.

The offer refers to the architectural, engineering and geology services, with related surveys, for the preparation of the technical and economic feasibility design, the final and detailed design and the safety coordination during design for the upgrading and safety of the Lagonegro hospital divisions, in viale Colombo. This contract could lead to the assignment of construction management services, accounting and safety coordination services during detailed design.

The project involves:

  • The construction of a new building block, equipped with an appropriate anti-seismic capacity, on whose rooftop the heliport will be built;
  • The creation of an air and basement connection between the new building and the existing facility;
  • The redistribution of the pneumology, cardiology and medicine wards, of the out-patient rooms, and the day-hospital rooms;
  • The refurbishment of non-health services, in particular of the following: kitchen, morgue, pharmacy, chapel, “dirty” and “clean” laundry deposits;
  • The arrangement of the external logistic services.