24/7 surveillance of road works in the Municipality of Rome

500 works of Rome's main road network under daily surveillance for the next three years

The bridges, viaducts and tunnels among the main 800 km of the Municipality of Rome road network are subjected to 24/7 surveillance by the joint venture led by Proger.

In recent weeks, Roma Capitale has entrusted to the JV, which includes also Studio Speri and Bureau Veritas, the framework agreement (total maximum tender amount approx. 5.5 million) for the surveillance and monitoring service of the road works. The activities started a fortnight ago and the companies will be thus committed for the forthcoming three years.

The most important works of the Municipality of Rome subjected to 24/7 surveillance – and 365 days a year – are 500. The inspectors will operate by means of vehicles specially equipped with signalising systems, video recording and GPS tracking and will carry out periodic monitoring activities with the support of technological tools such as drones and laser scanner surveys, aimed at creating 3D models of the monitored infrastructures.

The structural checks and the surveillance of the state of our works”, states Ornella Segnini,council member for public works, “are the main objective of the management and maintenance of the vast road network of the capital which, thanks to Proger technicians’ support, is thus able to update its database on road works on a daily basis, identify any problems and promptly resolve any critical issues that may arise “.

In accordance with the ANSFISA technical guidelines (the National Agency responsible for the control of bridges, viaducts and tunnels), through an Operations Centre for the coordination of surveillance, monitoring and, in general, all engineering activities, Proger manages from its Roman headquarters the numerous technicians and engineers operating in the municipal area. An organisation of this type allows the Municipality to better manage the service, guaranteeing smoothness in the approach, planning and the possibility of keeping under control the heterogeneous infrastructural heritage of the Capital, consisting of historic bridges, viaducts of large developments, crucial galleries, and modern works of architectural value.

Proger is ready to face such a demanding challenge – comments Marco Lombardi, CEO of the company – thanks to the vast experience gained since 2018 in the extensive monitoring and surveillance activities of the thousands of works in the national network of Autostrade per l’Italia and other concessionaires”. It is an important commitment, in terms of continuous presence within the territory, number of works to be inspected and, above all, of great responsibility towards the safety of millions of citizens, not only Romans, who cross the streets of the city every day.