Burgas Refinery: completion of the construction works

Hydrogen recovery and purification plant installed

Proger completed on behalf of Sicim S.p.A. the construction of a new hydrogen recovery and purification plant inside the Lukoil refinery in Burgas, the largest in the Balkans.

Since 2019 Proger has been involved in the supply of EPC (turnkey) services, for a total contract value of 18 million euros.

The heart of the plant is in the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) unit consisting of 2 skid valves and 7 vessels, 1 compressor, 1 lube oil, various pressure vessels, a pipe rack and a connecting pipeline between the new plant and the existing plant.

After the delivery of the construction engineering and procurement, the construction site activities had started in the first half of 2020. Once completed, Proger is currently carrying out the final commissioning phases, marking a new important milestone in the oil &gas sector, a field in which the company has been operating since the mid-90s.