Validation of the executive project of the “Palazzo Massari – Cavalieri di Malta” Museum

The Municipality of Ferrara has validated the executive project variant drawn up by Proger and the ABDR architecture studio for the restoration and enhancement of the “Palazzo Massari – Cavalieri di Malta” Museum.

The project, in continuity with the construction process already undertaken by the Municipality with the post-earthquake consolidation works of 2012, will return to the city the entire complex that houses three important civic museums: the Filippo de Pisis Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Nineteenth Century Museum and the Giovanni Boldini Museum.

Visitors will find a more welcoming and modern art museum center thanks to new and wider exhibition routes; the creation of previously-absent services to the public, from teaching to study areas, bookshop and bar-café; a plant intervention designed to ensure not only the best environmental conditions for people and works of art, but also the integration of new energy systems with a building of high historical and artistic value.