New ISTAT Headquarters

Proger, in JV with A.B.D.R. Architetti Associati, MANENS-TIFS and Studio VALLE Progetti, was awarded the final design of the new Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics) headquarters after winning the Design Competition – out of 17 competing groups – in 2019.

The new Istat Headquarters will be built in the Pietralata area in Rome.

The design strategies focused their attention on the relationships with the city and its flows, with the aim to contribute, through the design of public spaces, to a better overall quality of the urban environment.

The project is characterised by “openness and permeability” criteria, allowing, on one hand, a great flexibility in the use of the facilities annexed to the offices – so that they can be shared by the community – and, on the other hand, offering articulated and modular spaces within the building and the working environments.

The building structure will consist of a two-storey basement, intended for ancillary activities (entrance hall, library and historical archive, Museum of statistics, refreshment area, kindergarten, gym and conference centre), from the overlying 8-storey L-shaped building, intended for offices, and two underground floors, dedicated to parking and the technological centre. All enriched with a double square, namely a pedestrian square at zero altitude and the other located on a 9-meter higher terrace, which will host a “hanging forest”, open to the public.

The project applied the best bioclimatic and energy efficiency strategies and maximized the use of renewable energy sources, providing protection systems for direct solar radiation for all the facades, accumulation and release systems of the accumulated thermal load, along with passive bioclimatic systems based on convective loops (passive heating and cooling).