New Wholesale Market in Milan

Milan, Italy – Proger has concluded the preparation activity of the Feasibility Study of the New “Ortomercato” in Milan, after winning a year ago – in Temporary Business Association with ABDR, Systematica, KPMG, Idea eng. and Avalon – the international competition of ideas organized by SO.GE.MI S.p.A. for the redesign of the biggest fruit-and-vegetable wholesale market in Italy, which covers an area of 490.000 sq.m.

Designed as a logical reorganization of the spaces currently used for the trade of fruit and vegetable and as the requalification of the nearby areas dedicated to complementary activities, Pa.S.T.A., the first Agri-food Scientific and Technological Park in Milan, has been well conceived: an experimental centre, with a sustainable approach, based on agri-technology, scientific innovation and research applied to the agri-food sector.

As far as the project, in these months Proger has regularly flanked SO.GE.M.I. as technical advisor, even during the meetings with the Market operators and the Municipality of Milan. Thanks to its ten-year experience in the logistics sector, the company was in charge of all the engineering activities and has coordinated the various specialized aspects through in-depth verifications both of the technical profiles (engineering, energy, environmental, transportation, architectural and town-planning) and, in collaboration with KPMG, of the financial-economic scenarios aimed at assessing the complex feasibility of the initiative.