Proger alongside Enel Grids for the development of the Italian electricity grid

Proger has signed four two-year framework contracts with e-distribuzione for engineering services for primary substations and satellite centres.

The Enel Group’s electricity distribution company has 31.5 million users connected to its network, which extends over 1,100,000 km across Italy and reaches more than 7,400 municipalities. The agreement signed with Proger is part of the network development and reinforcement programme that Enel has planned in the country with the help of PNNR funds and represents a major contribution to Italy’s electricity infrastructure, as it will increase the network’s resilience and make it capable of absorbing renewable energy production from decentralised sources.

The ambitious project involves the construction of around 200 new substations and the refurbishment of around 600 existing ones. Proger will contribute to the achievement of these objectives by providing engineering services, environmental impact studies, permitting services, construction supervision and safety and coordination plans. There are four macro-regions in the country in which Proger will be active, for a total base amount of just under €7M, up to a maximum of €12M.

These contracts are the result of numerous successful activities that we have developed and are carrying out for several Enel Group companies, in the context of a sustainable transition process that will increasingly require modern and efficient network infrastructures” Rocco Marsico, Director of Proger’s Green Energy Business Unit, commented: “I am thinking, for example, of the numerous renewable energy plants under construction, battery energy storage systems (BESS) and the first installation of a thermal energy storage system (TESS) in a thermoelectric power plant: plants from all sources and with different applications are all the more efficient the more powerful and adequate the country’s electricity infrastructure is”.